Shepherd's Valley

I am Jarek, Lord of the Shepherds. It is good to see visitors in our serene little valley. Life in the world is a harsh thing during these turbulent times. Visitors are a rare and treasured commodity. Feel free to wander here and see what we have to offer. This land is safe from the strife that has befallen the realm.

Links to useful stuffs

Newbie EQ 101 Directions to common areas
Daggers Swords
Staves Flails
Axes Whips
Good Armor Neutral Armor
Evil Armor Non-Align Armor

Or you can download the Excel97 Workbook with all of this information here.
And for a look into my mind, get this wav file.

For those that are curious to the point of insanity, then by all means have a look at the real me.
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I also recommend you visit a much better Shepherd site here.